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Root Promoter Anti-Disease Microbial Fertilizer
Root Promoter Anti-Disease Microbial Fertilizer
Root Promoter Anti-Disease Microbial Fertilizer
Model NO.:sonef root care fertilizer
Classification:Biological Fertilizer
Release Type:Quick
Infection on Soil:Physiological Alkaline
Chemical Character:Chemical Alkaline

Root Promoter Anti-Disease Microbial Fertilizer

Product Description

1. Properties:

The main principle of this product is to interfere the assembly and formation of Virus spores polymer which is inside of soil, to influence on the recomposition of pathogen cell wall molecule structure, prevent the plant and crop from harmful bacteria. It can conducr and dredge destroyed vascular bundles and conducting tissues, activate root system, strengthen rooting ability, precipitating new root and branches, make the leaves thick and green, thicken the stalk, flowerforcing, promote setting percentage, make the fruit large and nice appearance, enhance the sweetness and color, increase the fruit weight, also have function like maintenance, water retention, cold resistance, heat resistance, drought resistance, Alkali resistance, fertilizer damage solution, disease sure, , anti-cropping, death proof, anti root-knot nematode, promote the plant growth, have remarkable effect on Root-rot, damping off, bacterial witt, yellow-witt, Plasmodiophora brassicae Woronin, black root disease, chlorotic disorder, prevent the crops or plants from soil-borne disease which was caused by successive years of cropping(especially have good effect on hurting seeds resulted by using unfermented farmmanure and animalmanure)
2. Specification:

product name root-care microbial fertilizer
contact Shelly Wang
skype wqq648446981
phone number 86-18765281917

3. Attention:

1. This product can be mixed with normal non-basic insecticides.

2. Spay or drip irrigation should better be done in the morning or at nightfull to invoide scorching sun.

3. The color difference may happen by different lot of production, and it's normal to have gas or deposit in the bottle, shake up before use, store in cool place.

4. Shelf life: 3 years, Product date see on bags.

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Packing:(1) With 20kg, 180kg drum, the effective storage period is two years.

(2) Store in a cool, ventilated place.


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