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humic acid npk fertilizer
humic acid npk fertilizer
humic acid npk fertilizer
Model NO.:Sonef Compound Fertilizer
Classification:Compound Fertilizer
Release Type:Quick
NPK Solubility: Water soluble
Type:Compound Fertilizer
Item:humic acid npk fertilizer

humic acid npk fertilizer

Product Description



Product Formulation Appearance
Organic Fertilizer N.P.K. 03-00-11+TE Powder
N.P.K. 05-05-05 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 08-08-08 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 07-00-08-45 OM Organic Matter:45%   Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 12-01-04-20 OM Organic Matter:20%   Granular:2-4mm
CASO4*2H2O 85%                 Humic Acid 10% Bentonite 5% Granular:2-4mm
Binary Compound Fertilizers N.P.K. 10-10-00 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 20-20-00-3S Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 16-20-00 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 26-14-00 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 23-21-00-4S Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 00-20-20 Powder
N.P.K. 00-50-30 Powder
N.P.K. 00-15-17 Powder
N.P.K. 20-00-30 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 19-00-19 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 18-00-27 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 15-00-25 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 12-00-28 Granular:2-4mm
NPK Fertilizers N.P.K. 17-17-17 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 10-10-20 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 18-09-18 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 10-20-20 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 24-08-08 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 12-12-17+MGO Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 15-15-23+4MGO Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 11-6-7+2MGO Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 18-18-5+1.5TE Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 09-18-27 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 15-15-15+TE               Mg(0.2%)+B(0.07%)+Mn(0.07%)+Cu(0.007%)+Fe(0.007%) Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 15-15-06+4MgO Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 6-18-20+4MgO+0.1B203 Granular:2-4mm
100% Water soluble fertilizer N.P.K. 18-18-18 Granular:2-4mm
N.P.K. 19-19-19
N.P.K. 20-20-20
N.P.K. 10-50-10
N.P.K. 13-40-13
N.P.K. 15-15-30
N.P.K. 15-30-15
N.P.K. 29-10-10
N.P.K. 3-37-37


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Qingdao Sonef Chemical Co.,l(SHANDONGRICHROOTBIOLOGICALCO.,LTD)are a professional manufacturerand

exporte for fertilizers and concerned chemical products in China. Established in 2004 years, we are a high tech

company with research,production, and export, technical service, which has the strong technical forceand the

professional scientific research and technical persons.Our point products such as: NPK compound fertilizer,

biofertilizer, adblue Urea, Functional Microbial Fertilizer, Organic-Inorganic fertilizer ect.

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PackingNet each in 9.9kg plastic woven bag, lined with PE bag.25mt/20’fcl.

                   Also we supply other packaging solutions,printing is available.

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